Behavioral Psychology for Conversion Optimization.

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Role of Behavioral Psychology in Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • Use loss aversion theory — This is based on a cognitive bias that takes advantage of people’s tendency to prefer avoiding losses than acquiring gains. Using this technique you can target your ads to your potential customers to let them know that they could be losing out on certain features or special offers. In such cases, customers tend to make hasty decisions. Xiaomi used this principle in its Redmi flash sale strategy. It announced beforehand that a limited number of this amazing tech-heavy cheaper phone will be launched on some date for a limited period of time. People went crazy and bought these phones as soon as sell started. At first, many people couldn’t as only limited copies were sold. This created scarcity and a desire to buy this phone. This strategy has worked wonders for Xiaomi. Also, Amazon relies on using the limited time to encourage immediate purchase.
  • Build trust and Belonging towards your brand — People will buy from you if they like you as a company. If your product’s image or ethics align with the customer’s image and ethics. This is the reason why brands hire celebrities, influencers, and micro-influencers to advertise their product. If you are selling some sports products, having any sportsman as your brand ambassador will improve your product value and people’s liking. People will accept your product easily. Your brand should be able to provide the feeling of a community. Humans are social creatures who love to feel like part of a group and customers often purchase products in an attempt to feel part of a specific group.
  • Social Proof — This principle talks about the human tendency of following any trend. If a large number of people doing something, the product must be authentic. They can self approve the product by reading the feedback and reviews of the customers. Many of the websites use these kinds of social proofs on their landing page to make look more promising. “We have more than 50k subscribers”, “Our product is validated by XYZ company”. Companies hire famous and recognizable people as their brand ambassadors to increase their product value.
  • cognitive fluency — It is the ease with which information is processed. Users should find your web page aesthetically pleasing. Users should not get overwhelmed by your web pages. CTAs on your landing pages must be perfectly designed. More choices create more confusion for the visitors, which in turn causes friction in the conversion process. You can incorporate cognitive fluency in your landing page by following various simple tricks such as sufficient use of white spaces, good contrast.
  • Improve the page load time — The landing page that the user has redirected to must be smooth and attractive. Most of the time, a lot of animations are involved on the page that increases the loading time of the page. This extended time unknowingly decreases the motivation of potential customers. Hence, try to keep the page minimal and attractive.




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